Thursday, January 6, 2011

Update On Bowler Land Rover


Here's an update!

Added a whole lot of stuff to the Baja Bandit. Roof Rack, fixed the spare tire bug, and much more.

Just this morning, I turned the door panels from solid gray to carbon fiber. These pics were taken last night during my beta testing session, and I was extremely pleased. Cody said it looked great, and so did MudSlinger. I agree with them both. It looks extremely aggressive and its perfect for the desert.

Also, there was a "sitting in the seat" bug, and I have partially fixed that, the driver will realistically sit in the seat when I'm done with it. No depth problems, no off-center problems, and no issues whatsoever. I want this to be as realistic as GTA SA and I will make it.

Peace Y'all!

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